About me

Hi everybody.

I appreciate that you opened this page. My name is Matthias Bruch and I’m a developer (officially titled ‘Principal Tech Lead Germany’) at netzkern – part of Macaw. I’m from Wuppertal and love my city as well as my company.

During the day time I’m primary working on web applications (varies between simple websites, intranet solutions, web-apps or webservices). After work (or sometimes, if the time allows it, at work as well) I’m curious about new techniques and read about stuff that’s currently going on.

Once I had the opportunity to record a jQuery training with Henry Zeitler – and twice I was allowed to share my stuff with the people at NRWConf.

At netzkern I’ve organized the so called UniversityDays, where co-workers explain various topics to the others.

Unfortunately I’m not able to take the time for everything I’m interested in (the damn day is just to short), but perhaps this blog helps me to focus on some topics.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and feel free to contact me about any questions you have regarding dev-topics.

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