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Coding for kids with a turtle

Today I read something about a german page called “code your life”. It has been shown at the Microsoft booth at the didacta2018.

It’s teaching people to code. And they’ve got a section for kids as well. Just check it out here:


There’s a section called “Akademie” (academy), which contains menu items for kids and adults. If you want to try this with your kid, just have a look at the first example.


Explanations are german, but the function calls are in english of course.

I like the way it visualizes instantly everything you do. Just start by adding a “forward” command for the turtle and see how it moves and draws a line behind itself.

Variables, loops and conditions are available as well. There’re many other things on the internet, which do something similar, but for reasons, I enjoy having a german version of course – and the simplicity of the building blocks is nice as well.

[UPDATE 04.03.2018]

Just found this one as well: http://app.code-it-studio.de/ … similar concept – fast to get through, but a little bit more playfull then the turle 😉

Activities during the holidays

Because Linux is a big topic in Azure as well, there’s an exam from Microsoft, that is called “Linux on Azure”. The prerequisites therefore are two things: A passed LFCS test of the Linux Foundation (Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator), as well as the MS exam 70-533 “Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions”. You can find details over here:

The Linux Foundation has created a six-part series of video tutorials as a preparation for the former test. For the latter there are materials from MS. You can find both here:

Because I wanted to have a look at them (and had some free time) I watched them during the christmas holidays. With a monotonous enthusiams, a guy explained there in about 12h (all videos are about 1,5-2,5h long) the various topics.
It might have been a little bit more or less time – but with all my taking-notes, jumping forwards and backwards as well of course the watching, it took me about 19h.

Roughly grouped you’re told about the following topics

  • Shell
  • Folder structure (and the most important directories in Linux)
  • Filesystem + Mounting of devices
  • Editors (and especially VI)
  • Bootsequence / Bootloader / Config
  • SystemD (+systemctl)
  • Permissions (ACL,…) + Root
  • Manpages
  • Processes (pids; lists; signals)
  • Scheduling
  • Softwareinstallation + Packagemanager
  • User / Passwords / Groups
  • LSM (Linux security modules) / SELinux / PAM
  • SSH, Telnet
  • Network + Firewall (iptables) + Routing + DNS + FTP + NFS + KVM
  • Timeserver (chrony)
  • Samba
  • Mails (postfix, dovecot)
  • Apache (Webserver), Squid (Cache), MariaDB
  • Container
  • Partitions (dd, xdd, fdisk, LVM) + Raid, LUKS, Quota

So now I got a long list of dangerous superficial knowledge 😉 … I’m curious what of these I’ll learn in greater detail during this year and which I’ll need at all ;-D.