Mongo Auth

Just playing a little with mongodb and nodejs. Wanted to try out if there’s anything you have to take care of. Issues you wouldn’t expect. So I created a node project (just a start.js), installed mongoose via npm (I read today that it’s a whole ORM for mongo, but that was the first driver that […]

MySQL Source

I just fell in love with mysql “source”-command … just wanted to mention that ;-)! Having trouble importing a large file into a mysql database? Simply open the prompt, connect to the server (on my local machine I didn’t need to specify a host) so something like: mysql -u [user] -p And as soon as […]


I recently searched for a 2D-Javascript game engine and came by this site: It lists various game engines. It seems their default sorting is “by popularity”. So let’s have a look at the first four entries. Construct 2 is a “whole editor, bring everything and just click your logic”-framework. I saw a screencast some days […]