The first DB query with EntityFramework in short (state: .NET6 + EFCore6):

Install SQL Server (Express) and create a new database Install two Nuget packages Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools Create a class whose properties are to be stored in the database. Create a database context by simply inheriting from DbContext. Pass the ConnectionString in OnConfiguring of the DbContext with optionsBuilder.UseSqlServer. Add “DbSet<T>” for each of your classes to the […]

DotNetConf 2021

At the beginning of November, there has been the great DotNetConf, were all sorts of cool stuff for my favorite development environment was announced and demonstrated. Important topics were of course the release of .NET6 as well as Visual Studio 2022, but also all the nice and shiny eco system around it: MAUI (the successor […]

First steps with UCommerce

This week I had a look at Umbraco and UCommerce. I already created a small site (just for personal practice) with Umbraco. So I downloaded the latest versions from Umbraco ( and UCommerce ( There’s a free version of UCommerce as well. I think UCommerce is quite interesting, because it is available for various CMS’ […]