First steps with UCommerce

This week I had a look at Umbraco and UCommerce. I already created a small site (just for personal practice) with Umbraco.
So I downloaded the latest versions from Umbraco ( and UCommerce ( There’s a free version of UCommerce as well.

I think UCommerce is quite interesting, because it is available for various CMS’ like Kentico, Sitecore and of course Umbraco. So I hope you can reuse your knowledge, when learning it on one platform and then you have to implement it for another project on another platform.

Just as mentioned by a colleague, there’s currently no support for specific german payment- and shipping-providers. So I’m interested in implementing them.
I already started with the payment-provider. In my case Wirecard.

My starting point for this is the documentation of UCommerce for implementing a payment-service:

So far I found the most promising way on the wirecard page to be the “seamless checkout” page, where you first post your parameters (from the payment object, which is passed to your payment-service method above) to “Init”. You’ll get a link back then where you have to bring the user to to start the payment process.
I’m not sure, but I guess if you reached that milestone, you’ll just have to handle the payment-result in UCommerce then:

If anyone of you already has some more experience with Umbraco or UCommerce, I’d be glad to chat with you.

Ah – before I forget my favorite part … If you want to try this your own. I spent several hours to understand, that my biggest problem with the UCommerce Demo-Shop was the fact that I already installed the UCommerce Demo-Page … so the templates mixed up. Just do not install the Umbraco Demo-Page and everything will work fine ;-).

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