Some time ago I wanted to read an article about NuoDB on Was interesting to read, but I didn’t fully comply with the authors opinion. So I wanted to ask in a comment about something I heard on a conference in Hamburg. But that’s just a side-story.

The funny thing happened, as I wanted to comment. Of course you’ll have to create an account to comment to minimize spam. But because I haven’t an account, I created one … After that was done and the account activated, I wanted to post my comment … unfortunately while the page still told me I wasn’t logged in and wouldn’t let me post, the login frame itself recognized my just activated account and told me – you can’t login … YOU ARE ALREADY LOGGED IN … o0 …


What the hell? Why can’t you just check if there’s a user after clicking the “log in” button instead of telling me I was not permitted, because I already did that. Reloading the whole page fixed the problem.

That’s a good example why you (and I) always should think about the usability while developing new stuff.