Phew! A new beginning every … I don’t know … two to three years?

My old blog was based on BlogEngine.NET and it worked very well, but maintaining it bilingual was quite time consuming. So after some blog posts, the rate of new ones decreased continuously. Then we (Chris and I) tried to start something new, but good things sometimes last a bit 😉 – perhaps we’ll see something there in a few weeks. But to get something going now, I decided to give WordPress another try.

While I’m typing that text I produce lots of red underlines below every single word, because my browser is set to German and sometimes just changes the words while I’m typing, but somehow I feel more comfortable entering the text directly in here instead of Word … don’t know why – just a feeling. Perhaps because of the fancy controls on both sites, so I feel more important 😉 .

So I’d be happy if you’d come back from time to time to check for some new posts. I’ll keep writing my bigger posts for our company blog ( in German, but sometimes there’re things that do not match this other blog. Besides that there might be topics I want to tell my opinion about without ensuring it’s the companies opinion as well – that stuff will be posted here as well.

Thanks for reading.

See ya soon (*hopefully* 😀 )

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